Apr 182014

Apr 072014

Tristen Moss, Jerry Gurney and Rob Mason ripping in this clip of Transworlds TWS cut that happen at the B in Sacramento. Tristen and Jerry taking 1st and 2nd and Maso taking 9th.

Apr 032014

Some shenanigans of what went down in Lake Havasua last weekend with BW Ripper CHRIS GREGSON in it. Chris ended up tieing for first with Jaws in the Bowl contest.

Apr 012014

Conjuring spells at Potrero from BLOOD WIZARD on Vimeo.

JERRY GURNEY, JACK GIVEN, and CHRIS GREGSON stir the pot at Potrero del Sol Skatepark.
Visser clip

Mar 272014

China Banks

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JERRY GURNEY – China Banks from BLOOD WIZARD on Vimeo.

Big Trouble in Little Chinatown
JERRY GURNEY at the legendary China Banks during the filming of Wizard Bloody Wizard.
Mike Manzoori on the A camera (of course)
Visser clip

Mar 262014

Bank to Bar from BLOOD WIZARD on Vimeo.

Meanwhile outside the Tabernacle…
Visser clip

Mar 242014


Mar 132014


Mar 112014

Cool clip of Skinner’s time in Hawaii hanging with friends, sharks and painting murals.

Sea Walls – Murals for Oceans: POW! WOW! HAWAIʻI: Skinner – Spencer Keeton Cunningham – Aaron Glasson from PangeaSeed on Vimeo.

POW! WOW! HAWAIʻI is a festival that gathers artists from around the globe and Hawaiʻi to paint the streets of Honolulu's Kaka’ako district. This year PangeaSeed teamed up with Pow!Wow! Hawaiʻi to bring three artists together to paint this massive Sea Wall representing love, respect, and concern for the ocean. Skinner, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, and Aaron Glasson executed our biggest Sea Wall yet in just five days. The mural depicts Hawaiʻian folklore, reef eco-systems, critique, of polution and the pineapple industry.

With Sea Walls, the mission is simple:

By collaborating with a global alliance of incredibly talented artist,we aim to bring the oceans to inner cities around the world.

The Sea Walls project, aims to reconnect inner-city residents with the beauty and plight facing our oceans, while at the same time, making the connection that all drains lead to the oceans and that our daily consumption choices and lifestyle habits have a direct effect on our planet's most important ecosystem – the ocean.

PangeaSeed and PangeaSeed supporting artists will continue creating ocean-themed murals each focusing on marine species and/or habitats in peril. Follow the action via our website and social media pages.

You can SPONSOR a "Sea Walls" project in your community!

For more infomation on Sea Walls – Murals for Oceans, please visit:


Aaron Glasson http://www.rahkaishi.com
Spencer Keeton Cunningham http://spencerkeetoncunningham.tumblr.com/
Skinner http://www.theartofskinner.com/


Feb 212014


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Lunch break with Gurney and Toad from BLOOD WIZARD on Vimeo.

Jerry Gurney and Toad shred Richmond for lunch